'All-American Muslim': Murder Shakes Community, Concerned With Perception (VIDEO)

It might seem alarmist that Ali, a friend to Bilal and her family, is so concerned about how the media and the rest of the country is going to see a murder that happened in their largely Muslim community. But the mere existence of "All-American Muslim" (Sun., 10PM ET on TLC) has sparked a massive national debate.

In the highest profile move, Lowe's pulled advertisement from the series after several organizations spoke out against it. This led to protests at a Lowe's near where "All-American Muslim" is filmed in Michigan. There is also a movement asking people to boycott Lowe's in response to their ad pullout.

With the ad space freed up, Russell Simmons jumped at the opportunity, buying up all that was available for this week's airing so he could promote his Visa Rush card, and maybe make a statement as well. There are reportedly other companies that have pulled out as well, though none have made public statements about it as Lowe's has -- save, who said their decision was based on the quality of the program.

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