All Apples Are Not the Same

Dear Sisters, Dear Brothers,

A few days ago I woke up from my sleep and checked the news like every morning. I learned with the rest of the world that Paris has been attacked last night leaving hundreds of lives lost. The attack itself was so outrageously brutal and violent that France declared a state of emergency and has shut its borders. This act of terrorism was the first one that made my heart break and made me cried. While scrolling down the different news website reporting of this horrendous event, my tears couldn't help but to pour. I cried for the dead. I am grieving.

I cried for the anger and frustration I have to the people that justify their act of killing in the name of a religion. One that has been interpreted wrongly and perceived badly because of terrible acts like the one last night.

Extremism is never good, in religion or political stand.

I happen to embrace Islam as a religion and after another deadly terrorist attack in a non-Islamic country, I'm tired having to explain myself and why am I a Muslim to my surroundings. I do not wear a veil and drink wine when it pleases me. My faith is personal and my faith (and good judgement) tells me to harm no one. It kills me knowing that the three important monotheistic religions come from the same tree and yet, the three branches are unable to co-habitate peacefully for several millennium. For those who do not believe in religion, the parallelism is much simpler, we human beings all belong to the same race.

I am sad to know that most Muslim people living in a non-Islamic country from now on will be receiving more hate from their entourage because of what other has done, forgetting that an apple could be green or red, rotten or sweet.

In a time like this, one could not help but to be vengeful and hateful towards the people of Islam. Its image is soiled. Terrorist attacks where witnesses claim that they heard "Allah akbar" before the rounds of shootings and detonations began can only provide more material to bash anybody of this religion, fuel hatred and discrimination towards them. I can only understand why this is deemed justifiable for some.

The attack in Paris last night was unjustifiable. The attack in Paris was unpredictable. The war on terror is not only fought in remote areas of the world. Wherever we are, we too could help fight this war without guns and bombs but by not spreading more hatred and fear as these two could not bread respect and tolerance. Not all apples from the same tree are rotten.

I am grateful that none of my relatives or friends were among the victims. My deepest thoughts and prayers go to the families and friends of the victims. May courage and strength guide them through this grim time.

Our hearts are broken.

Yours sincerely, E. W.

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