'All Dead Mormons Are Gay' Site Turns Deceased Mormons Gay For All Eternity

Site Turns Dead Mormons Gay For All Eternity

Could Mormons posthumously benefit from being converted into gay people? At least one website seems to think so.

The website All Dead Mormons Are Gay offers visitors the chance to "convert" any deceased Mormon they choose into a gay person.

Sadly, many Mormons throughout history have died without having known the joys of homosexuality. With your help, these poor souls can be saved.

Simply enter the name of your favorite dead Mormon* in the form below and click Convert! Presto, they're gay for eternity. There is no undo.

Don't know any dead Mormons? Click the "Choose-a-Mormon" button and we'll find one for you. You're welcome!

Considering the note at the bottom of the site that reads, "Holocaust victims are not eligible for conversion," the site is likely a reaction to news that Holocaust survivor and Jewish rights advocate Simon Wiesenthal's parents were posthumously baptized.

The Mormon church apologized for the baptism, which it said was due to the actions of an individual member of the church who has been disciplined.

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