'All Lives Matter!' Really?

A message reading "All Lives Matter" is written on the pavement as police in riot gear cast shadows while standing in line ah
A message reading "All Lives Matter" is written on the pavement as police in riot gear cast shadows while standing in line ahead of a curfew Friday, May 1, 2015, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

After the cascade of African Americans being killed at the hands of white police officers, chants of "Black Lives Matter!" started to echo in the streets and on social media. Now the "Black Lives Matter!" group is taking their campaign to the politicians, specifically targeting those running for office. They started with the Dems in their own camp, who they felt should have and still can do more for the black community. Most recently they have turned their attention to candidates on the right.

Last week at a rally for Jeb Bush in Nevada, chants of "Black Lives Matter!" derailed a campaign event. At once, some in the crowd erupted in "White Lives Matter!" and others chanted "All Lives Matter!"

I have heard numerous conservatives making this statement, whether on the campaign trail, on radio programs, in blogs and tweets online or on one of the talking head programs on television. But that statement, "All Lives Matter!" has me scratching my head.

Do "all lives" really matter to the GOP? Let's take a look at some "lives" the GOP seems to forget have a pulse:

1) Undocumented Immigrants

2) The LGBT Community

Conservatives, and these GOP presidential candidates, don't support marriage equality, and in some states have gone so far as to defy the Supreme Court of the United States on the subject of issuing marriage licenses to same sex partners. This is the same group that did not want gay leaders in the Boy Scouts. And they don't want the LGBT community to be protected by the Civil Rights Act.

3) Muslims

If I were a Muslim in America today, it would be hard to believe that my life mattered based on the statements of conservatives. Right-wingers frequently repeat the false statement that "Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim." Then there are the outrageous statements by GOP candidates, including Sen. Rand Paul, who said he wants to reinstate the National Security Exit Registry System, which was used after 9/11 to round up boys and men who were legal residents of the United States and threaten them with deportation if they refused to submit to hostile interrogations, fingerprinting and photographing. Donald Trump stated on "The O'Reilly Factor" that there's a "Muslim problem" in the world. Marco Rubio wants to deny visas to foreign students who are Muslims. And there's Ben Carson, who falsely stated that Muslims are responsible for the majority of terrorist attacks worldwide. In fact, non-Muslims are responsible for more than 90 percent of terrorists attacks in the U.S.!

4) Women

State by conservative state, there is more being done to strip women of their reproductive rights. That includes making it harder to access a clinic, and making it more difficult for clinics to remain open to provide medical services for women. On a federal level, most of the conservative candidates want to defund Planned Parenthood, making it out to be a body part-selling factory of death, when in reality, abortions are 3 percent of the services rendered at that organization.

5) The Poor

Conservatives portray this group of Americans as those with their hand out. The GOP constantly proposes slashing Welfare, Medicaid and other programs which the poor need to survive.

So at a glance, do ALL lives really matter to the GOP? To the conservatives in America today? Sure they do -- as long as you're not black, Muslim, LGBT, poor, female or an undocumented immigrant.

Leslie Marshall is a Fox News contributor and host of the nationally syndicated radio program, The Leslie Marshall Show.