'All My Children' Canceled: Online Soap Not Returning

The cast of ?All My Children? is seen in an undated photo provided by Ferencomm for The Online Network. The Online Network (T
The cast of ?All My Children? is seen in an undated photo provided by Ferencomm for The Online Network. The Online Network (TOLN) announced Monday, March 11, 2013 the highly-anticipated online debuts of the beloved long-running serial dramas ?All My Children? and ?One Life to Live? for Monday, April 29. Both soap operas were cancelled a little more than a year ago by ABC, which had broadcast them for decades. (AP Photo/Ferencomm for The Online Network)

"All My Children" has been canceled. Again. The online soap, which was canceled by ABC and revived as an online series with much fanfare, is going quietly into the night, according to several of its stars.

"If you aren't hearing anything about the ending of AMC as we know it, it's really out of shock. I am also trying to allow [Prospect Park] to have the moment to contact all the actors and explain what is and has been going on with AMC, and then gather themselves to try and explain it all to you, the fans," McClain wrote.

The actress, who played Dixie Cooney, said she and her cast members were told by Prospect Park that the show would have another season. Then, the cast was "very recently contacted and told that, with great regret, 'AMC' won't be going back online this year, or in this particular incarnation. Certainly hope springs eternal that we will yet again, spring from the dead," she said.

Request for comment from Prospect Park was not immediately returned.

Prospect Park revived both "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" in April 2013 after ABC canceled the soaps. Getting them online proved difficult and the plans were delayed until fairly recently. But shortly after the revivals, there were problems. Prospect Park and ABC had legal drama over the relaunch, the episode release structure was changed and there was a labor dispute.

In September, Los Angeles Times reported Prospect Park was shelving "One Life to Live" while its dispute with ABC raged on, but "All My Children" would return. Now, that's not happening.

"Instead of going into the 'What Went Wrong' question, I think I'd rather focus on the gratitude I feel for having been asked to continue with the show," McCain wrote. "If I am still wanted as an actor on daytime, it is all because of YOU, the FANS."



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