All Proceeds Of This Adorable Uterus Emoji App Will Go To Planned Parenthood

BRB, downloading.
So cute.
So cute.
Ooti the Uterus

It’s no secret that millennials love emojis, and research also shows that the majority of millennials are pro-abortion rights. A new app is combining the two with a special sticker pack whose proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood.

Ooti the Uterus, which launched on Thursday, is a collection of 27 stickers (featuring the adorable uterus character and a bonus pink pussy hat) designed by New York-based artist Ivy Hu. The app is currently downloadable for $1.99 on the iTunes store, and was built specifically for iMessage.

“Ooti is an expressive uterus in shades of millennial pink,” according to the app’s website. “You can catch Ooti drinking cold brew, wasting time on the phone, and of course, swiping.”

(See below for some of Ooti’s adorable variations.)

Ooti the Uterus
Ooti the Uterus

According to the app’s mission statement, Ooti the Uterus was built to “celebrate this amazing reproductive organ” on top of supporting “the fantastic health services Planned Parenthood provides.”

The website confirmed that outside of Apple’s fees and taxes, all of the proceeds for the sticker collection will go to the women’s health care organization.

Now that’s an app we can get on board with.

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