Zoo Streaming Red Pandas All Day To Ease Election Day Panda-monium

Something adorable for your anxiety.
Feng Wei Photography via Getty Images

Elect to de-stress today with the aid of animals rather than alcohol.

The San Francisco Zoo and Firefox have collaborated to make Nov. 8 more tolerable by live-streaming the zoo’s three red pandas from their tree house enclosure.

The red pandas, named Tenzing, Hillary, and Hunter, will go live at 1 p.m. EST on Firefox’s Facebook page.

Red pandas are also called “firefoxes,” according to the Red Panda Network, a group committed to the conservation of wild red pandas. The species has also been regarded as “the lesser panda” in reference to giant pandas. But red pandas are actually more closely related to raccoons than to the black and white bamboo-eating bears that bear a similar name. They’re also really frickin’ adorable.

And because, you know, the election is today and stuff, if the red panda livestream shifts your mood today from this …

To this …

...consider helping the species out. These solitary tree dwellers who snack on bamboo are endangered due to poaching and habitat loss in their native Eastern Himalayas, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

You can “adopt” one from the Red Panda Network. For each adoption, you’ll get a personalized adoption certificate and adoption package (our guess is it’s loads of cute red panda swag). To learn more, click here.

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