All Signs Point To Another Heartbreaking 'Walking Dead' Death

Peace out.

It looks like we’re saying “peace” to another “Walking Dead” character.

With an “all-out war” supposedly on the way, you know at least one other main character on the show is probably going down, and it looks like we now know who it will be. 

Yeah, it’s about time to say goodbye to Sasha.

Sonequa Martin-Green is set to star on the new series “Star Trek: Discovery,” and while that is great for the actress, it’s not so good for her “Walking Dead” character.

Even more heart-wrenching, we’re just getting over the fact that Abraham gave Sasha a peace sign before his death in the season premiere. Now you’re gonna lay this shiz on us?

When asked about the impact of the new job on her “Walking Dead” role, Martin-Green told Entertainment Weekly she “can’t say anything.” 

The actress said, “I can say that the story is as impactful and powerful and dynamic as it always has been, and there’s nothing to worry about where that’s concerned.”

Showrunner Scott Gimple was optimistic, telling EW that Martin-Green can “do anything.” 

We don’t doubt that. We just think she’ll “do anything” while going where no woman has gone before on “Star Trek.”

In addition to the vague comments from Martin-Green, dedicated spoiler group The Spoiling Dead Fans have already spread rumors that Sasha will die in the second half of Season 7. 

The reports also say that Michael Cudlitz, aka Abraham, may be making an appearance in the finale, so get your tissues ready.

Peace out. 



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