All Success Starts With Failure

Failure in showbusiness is a valuable learning experience that can't be duplicated in any other way. Not by reading books or training. Some failure can cause depression, insecurity, low self-esteem, but only if you are not aware that failure can be a gift. It might surprise you, but there are many benefits from failure such as:

The failure experience often uncovers hidden talents or skills you never knew you had: without pressure or adversity you will never know what you can accomplish. It forces you to become more of your true self.

Failure causes us to ask for help. Taking advice and constructive criticism can make all the difference. You can never accomplish things alone, asking for help is a sign of strength.
Failure forces you to find your positive attitude, otherwise you can not go on.

One of the strongest indicators of how failure impacts a persons long-term success is how one responds right after it takes place.  If you find the lesson and not the pain of the experience, you will succeed. Many stars have told me how they failed in big ways in their career, but it was the way they responded to the failure that caused their success.

"​​​​​​​You cannot win if you are not willing to lose."

Failure teaches us that success rarely comes in the form of one "lucky break". It comes after years of hard work and persistence. If you give up, you fail, you must force yourself to get up and try it one more time.

Failure teaches us to use our creativity. You can look at your problem from many different angles and find ways to solve it. Without failure we would never grow.

Failure also lets us know how serious you are about your dream. If it's really important to you, nothing will stop you.

Steve Jobs said, "You will not succeed because you are not willing to fail enough."

Welcome failure it can be a very helpful friend!

Director Andy Tennant (Hitch) once told my Masterclass, "Life is making mistakes and death is wishing you made more". Only when you are willing to make a lot of mistakes, will you have a life you can be proud of.