'All The Cool Girls Are Lesbians' T-Shirt Sparks Controversy At Massachusetts School (VIDEO) (POLL)

'All The Cool Girls Are Lesbians' Shirt Stirs Controversy At School

Controversy erupted at a Lynn English High School meeting that was held to discuss an incident where a student was told to cover up -- and never bring back to school -- a shirt that read, "All the cool girls are lesbians," WDHD-TV reports.

Although the student wore the shirt back in January, it wasn't addressed until Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy brought it up to the school committee last week.

In the meeting, Kennedy said the girl contacted her to say she had been wronged by the school, a sentiment with which the mayor told the committee she agreed.

"I did some legal research on this and I believe she is right," Kennedy told the Daily Item. "I don't believe the school had the authority to ask her to cover it up."

According to the Item, the girl's letter said Vice Principal Joseph O'Hagan told her to cover up her shirt because it was "political" and "offensive to some people."

If girls were allowed to wear shirts that say "I love boys," the student said, she should be allowed to wear hers.

For a look at the legal argument against the school, check out this article. And be sure to tell us what you think in the poll and the comments below.

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