All the Cool Kids Are Doing It: Chanel Joins the Celeb Feminist Club

We've been dropping the f-word a lot lately in our media. Beyoncé lit it up in the VMAs, Joseph Gordon-Levitt melted hearts with his video on what feminism means to him and recently Emma Watson flawlessly spoke to the UN about the state of feminism today. It seems some of this has trickled down to the fashion world and it looks pretty good on Chanel's 2015 Spring Show.

Karl Lagerfeld created a new line, Boulevard Chanel No. 5 and introduced it in a pretty loud way. The show closed as a street protest, complete with picketing signs and, of course, fabulous clothing. Cara Delevingne led the march, obviously, with a megaphone -- but not just your ordinary megaphone -- a quilted one, because fashion. Behind Delevingne, were several other familiar faces Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls, oh and the richest model in the world, Gisele Bundchen, to name a few.

They accessorized with signs that said things like "Ladies Rights Are More Than Alright," "Make fashion not war!" and what seems to be inspired by Ms. Watson's UN speech, "He is She."

It seems like they had some fun.

And their fun didn't go unnoticed. Women all over are applauding the show. If I weren't on a Ramen noodle every night budget I would buy the entire line. For now, I will have to settle with changing my Twitter header.

Lagerfeld, who himself isn't generally known to have the nicest comments towards women up his black leather sleeve, seems to be down for the girl power movement as he marched alongside his model army. Though feminism is much bigger than a trend, and a nice tweed coat, it seems like feminism is the new black and I like it.