All The Proof You Need That Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Are Still On

Mega yacht, mega PDA.

It's looks like Cannes can fix a relationship! 

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were spotted Cannes-oodling at the French film festival over the weekend, kissing on a yacht and basically confirming they're totally still on. 

Love is in the air! 
Love is in the air! 
Katy Perry, "Teenage Dream." 
Katy Perry, "Teenage Dream." 

Recently, it looked like the two were headed for a split after Bloom was spotted getting handsy with Selena Gomez at a club in Las Vegas.

Perry first danced around the incident, tweeting out what looked like a cryptic message and song about the pair's relationship. She later tweeted out a link encouraging readers to read up on Bloom's work in the Ukraine, instead of focusing on a "dumb conspiracy." 

Gomez retweeted Perry's link with a "praise" emoji, later tweeting "#killemwithkindness - one day they'll get it lol."

We're still a little confused, but looks like kindness helped work this whole thing out? 



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