All the Wrong Stuff

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I have spent many years feeling wrong and kept central parts of me hidden. And I have spend massive amounts of money, time and energy on fixing everything I felt was off about me.

Until the day where I understood that the parts of us that are hardest to accept make our essence. Our gold. Our contribution to the world.

Today I have made a career out of my highly sensitiveness, the introvert, the freedom seeker, my spiritual depth, my humor, my aesthetic sense, my vulnerability, the attention to details, creativity, the innovation, my love for luxury, the urge to travel plus my demand for fun, ease and pleasure.

All qualities I was advised to turn down during my upbringing and schooling with paralyzing crises of meaning as a side effect.

We can only achieve success being ourselves. The parts of us that we make really wrong are the parts that are really us.

Everything else is mediocre and destructive. And far from the nurturing experience life is all about.

Photo credits Mathilde Haase