All This Has Happened Before And All Of This Will Happen Again

"In a democracy, people get the leaders they deserve." - Joseph de Maistre

I've been contemplating what to say and it's been difficult. I feel anger, sadness, disappointment, embarrassment. I guess you have to look at the slogan "Make America Great Again" which in itself isn't hearkening to a progressive future. It's a callback to the way things were. Many, many people cannot handle or accept change. Our country has changed in many progressive ways. The people of the old bigoted ways do not like that. They want the America they knew. They want jobs back. Don't we all? They distrust the government. Don't most of us? Sadly making America great "again" also includes less rights for the LGBTQ, women, Muslim Americans and anyone of a different race that isn't white.

There's also the non-stop media bombardment. As well as the social media plague that controls so many so completely. Then there is reality TV. Reality television thrives on manipulating its audience to believe what they want you to believe. They push buttons in people's emotions because they know how. They squash others to get the result that is desired. It's a formula. We are a reality television nation and now we are the program.

I've been a minority all my life in many ways. I'm gay. I'm effeminate. I'm gender fluid. I'm a creative type. I'm empathetic. There will always be conflict in my life. This will never change. But the key is to use that conflict to better myself, and then to use that to hopefully enlighten others. Something I have to constantly remind myself which is in part why I write all of this.

Throughout the history of mankind, we have never all just gotten along. In this matrix we live in, we would never accept a world where everyone gets along. Why? We wouldn't believe it. We'd always think something was wrong. It is because through adversity comes growth and evolvement.

Look within you and find your spark and your true cause. Look through history and see how many people have overcome adversity. Look at how many ill-equipped leaders there have been. Do you feel uncomfortable or uneasy? That's because it's time to stop sitting back and it's time to make the change you know needs to happen. Stand tall. Stand proud. If you stand on the side of equality, diversity and light then you are on the right side. The right side has always had to fight the hardest against the darkness.

All this has happened before and all of this will happen again.