How Allan Lokos Used His Meditation Skills To Survive A Fiery Plane Crash

Doctors were amazed when Allan Lokos not only survived a plane crash in 2012 but also the severe burns he sustained during his escape from the aircraft. However, it was more than an inherent fight-or-flight instinct that helped him through the trauma.

The author and founder of New York City's Community Meditation Center told HuffPost Live host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani he partially credits meditation for his survival.

"There's also, for me, the fact that I have a long history -- more than two decades -- as a meditator," Lokos said. "I think that while I was very aware of the danger, I mean I was scared out of my mind and can't pretend otherwise, but at the same time, I was very aware of the situation. I was present to it, I knew what I had to do and I was able to get myself free. It was both survival and the skills that I think emerged from all those years of meditation."

Watch the full HuffPost Live clip above to hear more of his story.

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