Alleged Goldman Spy Sergey Aleynikov's Dancing Career, Home Videos (VIDEO)

There have been some strange new developments in the in the case of Sergey Aleynikov, the former Goldman programmer -- and vice president -- who has been charged with stealing top secret company trading codes and uploading them to a German website. The alleged theft, according to reports, could cost Goldman millions.

The WSJ points us to a homemade film that Aleynikov made, which details how he met his wife.

If it sounds odd, well, it is. At one point, Aleynikov is set up on a date with a man in drag, and appears to pay a matchmaker to find him a woman who, he says, "must be over 21."

Entitled "Love Story," the video's sound has been stripped out, though there are a few title cards describing the action. Dealbreaker suggests that some higher-up intentionally removed the sound on the clip.


New York Magazine reports that Aleynikov and his wife Elina were also accomplished ballroom dancers. Check out this video, which shows the couple dancing to "Light Up My Life" on a game show. (It's not clear when the video was filmed, or for which show.)


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