Alleged Rapist Assange on the Loose in Sweden

Stieg Larsson would turn over in his grave.

The late author of the Millenium Trilogy, who fought for women's rights throughout his life, would have many questions. The first would likely be why hasn't Julian Assange been arrested?

And he certainly wouldn't trust Swedish authorities to do the right thing. His Lisbeth Salander would not have turned Julian Assange into police; she would have tricked him into a compromising position, taken a video, and then tattooed on his stomach that he was a sadistic rapist pig.

However, Anna Ardin, a radical feminist who claimed she was attacked by Assange, had her own plan. It was called "revenge instruction" and had been posted some months earlier on the Internet. It explained how to perform a character assassination on a bad guy.

Arden and the other accuser of Assange, certainly have found a far easier path to justice than Lisbeth, assuming Assange is guilty.

Of course, no evidence has been presented in court. Indeed, everything that has been said by prosecutors has been leaked to sleazy tabloids or posted on a website in a style of English that suggest the writer needs to study the language more.

Considering that many Swedes are known to speak English very well it is curious that the information posted isn't written better.

The leak could have facilitated Assange's escape from Sweden or even another attack on the victim or victims, if he really was a sex maniac.

It also violated Swedish law.

Some of it has been just silly, especially the claim that he was arrested "in absentia." First, he was in Sweden at the time, second, the idea of arresting someone is absentia is ridiculous. Arresting someone means they were arrested. People can convicted in absentia, because a trial could be held without their presence. Arresting someone means you have them under your control.

How convenient this all is for the Pentagon, known for lying time and time again, particularly during and after the Vietnam War. Weapons of mass destruction, Jessica Lynch, Pat Tillman ... the list goes on.

God forbid that someone like Assange should raise questions about the validity of information coming from Washington.

Some in mainstream media, who never miss an opportunity to kick someone when he is down, are spreading stories that the Wikileaks membership want to oust Assange. So whether the Pentagon is behind it or not, it may have an impact. Or will it just be another internet meme?