Allegiant Air Carry-On Fee: Budget Airline Announces $35 Fee

Airline Introduces $45 CARRY-ON Fee

Allegiant Air announced on Monday that it would start charging passengers $35 for carry-on luggage by Wednesday.

According to, the bag fee will go live on the airline's website at midnight Tuesday. Spokesman Jessica Wheeler confirmed to the website that passengers will be allowed one free personal item, such as a purse or briefcase, but anything larger will incur a fee. Passengers can pay the $35 fee at the airport, or "check in" their carry-on prior to heading to the airport in order to save an undisclosed (or perhaps as-yet-to-be-determined) amount.

Allegiant won't be the first airline to charge passengers for their carry-on bags. In 2010, Matt Lauer told Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza that the airline's policy to charge for carry-ons will go over "like a fart in a church." In August 2010, the budget airline installed its $45 carry-on fee.

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