Allen Iverson Regrets Just One Of His Tattoos

"This really is the only one that don’t mean anything."

Allen Iverson doesn’t regret much, especially when he comes to his tattoos. But there was one piece of body art that he eventually decided was a pretty bad idea.

"I can say my kids, my mom, my grandma, my girl. And then everything else I love those too because they all mean something," the former NBA superstar told The Huffington Post about his favorite tattoos.

“Except this one right here," he added, pointing to a large tattoo on his right forearm. “My friend ... used to tease me about a tattoo I had right here, but it was so big and what he was teasing me about -- he said it looked like a flying monkey. It’s supposed to have been a grim reaper holding a ball. But it did look like a monkey.

"He was teasing me so much that I had to cover it with the panther. I had to," he continued. "It had to be something big. So this really is the only one that don’t mean anything. This was just a cover up.”

gifIverson points out the area of his forearm where
he got the one tattoo he ended up regretting.

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