Allen West Ad Features Soldier Who Says West Saved His Life

Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) is out with a new ad touting his military service. It features retired Sgt. Robert Delgado, who credits West with saving his life when he left for Iraq with a wife eight months pregnant.

"So it was a little nerve wracking not knowing, you know, 'Will I get to see my unborn child?'" he says. "My commander was Lt. Col. Allen West, and he said, 'I'm going to make sure you come home to your wife and your newborn baby.'"

"Before we went into Iraq, he gave me his body armor. We were driving with night vision goggles. Well, this car came flying by and this AK-47 just starts firing. And I got shot. If I hadn't had that body armor though, I don't think I'd really be here because where it hit is where my lung was," he says. "Lt. Col. Allen West saved my life. It was just the greatest feeling in the world to hold my son for the first time. Col. West gave me his body armor. Because of that, I'm here today."

A controversial incident, however, ended West's military career. While interrogating an Iraqi police officer, he shot a gun past his head, disregarding Army rules. The Army fined him $5,000 but allowed to retire with a full pension and benefits.

West has raised large sums for a congressional candidate, netting $2.2 million in the last quarter with $3.7 million on hand.



The World According To Allen West