Allen West: LGBT Workplace Discrimination Doesn't Exist

Rep. Allen West (R-Fl.) doesn't think that laws protecting LGBT workers are necessary because he says people are never fired because they are gay.

"That don’t happen out here in the United States of America," he told ThinkProgress.

West went on to explain that because he sits on the Small Business Committee, he knows that managers are concerned more about "onerous tax policy, regulatory policy, and lack of access to capital because Dodd-Frank is absolutely decimating small community banks."

It wasn't the first time West has made insensitive comments about LGBT rights. After Obama declared his support for gay marriage on Wednesday, West was quick to turn the announcement into a liability for the general election.

“I think it’s going to cause an incredible discussion in the black community, because, as you know, on Sundays in the black community the most conservative people in America are in those black churches,” he told ABC News. “I think it may have been a huge miscalculation, especially when you have 41 states that recognize marriage between one man and one woman, and you just came off an incredible loss to them."