Allen West: 'Let's Talk About The President Doing Blow And Smoking Dope' (VIDEO)

Allen West: 'Let's Talk About The President Doing Blow And Smoking Dope'

Professional rabble-rouser Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) wants to talk about President Obama getting high.

West raised Obama's past drug use at a townhall in Boca Raton on Tuesday after he was pressed on his military record. "If you guys want to go back and talk about what happened nine years ago for me, let’s talk about the president doing blow and smoking dope," he said.

A constituent had asked West to release a military report about his alleged mistreatment of an Iraqi police officer.

In 2003, West, then a lieutenant colonel, watched as soldiers beat an Iraqi officer. The officer's head was placed in a barrel, and West fired into the barrel, aiming away from his head, according to his testimony. West was fined $5,000, and resigned with full benefits.

"I was not convicted of anything," West said in response to the questioner. "I think everyone knows that. If you guys have a problem with the fact that people were out there planning on killing my soldiers and I found a guy and I put a pistol, shot above his head... If you guys have a problem with that, you need to go talk to someone else, because if I'm in that exact same situation, I'm making the same decision."

West also snuck in a dig at MSNBC commentator Chris Hayes, who was pounced on by conservative media on Memorial Day for saying that he felt uncomfortable calling soldiers killed in action "heroes" because the term can be used to justify potentially unjust wars.

"Maybe there are people out here that agree with that little kid Chris Hayes, who made that statement about how he doesn't consider those men and women who gave their lives heroes," West said.

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