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'Allergic To Algebra' Tee From Forever 21 Under Fire (VIDEO, PHOTO)

The media world was up in arms over a J.C. Penney girls' tee-shirt that read, "I'm too pretty to do homework so my brother has to do it for me."

The shirt, which essentially told girls that being pretty and smart were mutually exclusive, was quickly pulled from the retailer's website.

But now another shirt has popped up that's strikingly similar... but is it equally offensive?

Forever 21 released a tee as part of its fall arrivals that read, "Allergic to Algebra" with a sort of varsity tee design. ABC News found a few more tees guilty of anti-education cheekiness, some of which read “Skool sucks” and “A+=amazing, B=brilliant, C=cool, D=delightful, F=fabulous” with the advertised tagline, “F doesn’t always mean fail!”

Gawker quipped that the shirt falls into the category of "bold, anti-learning fashion options" for girls. Other news sources have thrown in their similar two cents and the quick media reaction has gotten the shirt pulled (click the link to buy and the webpage now reads "ERROR").

But is this really sexist? J.C. Penney designating boys as the homework doers and girls as the lookers is one thing. Saying that math is simply unpleasant is another. This writer happens to find algebra extremely unappealing -- allergy-attack inducing, in fact -- and might wear the shirt herself (if she was still 15).

Check out the tee below.


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