Allergy Medicine: 8 Surprising Possible Side Effects (PHOTOS)

8 Surprising Possible Side Effects Of Allergy Medicine (PHOTOS)


It's no surprise that your over-the-counter antihistamine can make you snooze on the job, but sleepiness isn't the only side effect of allergy medicine that you should be aware of. There are lesser-known effects that can range from annoying to dangerous that you may not even link to your dose of allergy relief. The intensity of side effects varies from person to person and with the help of your doctor you can weigh the severity of your allergy against the side effects of the medication used to treat it. Here, Javed Sheikh, M.D., Clinical Director of Allergy at Beth Israel Deaconess and full-time faculty at Harvard Medical School, outlines some of the lesser-known side effects of allergy medication.

Low Libido

Allergy Drugs: 8 Surprising Side Effects

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