Allie Mac Kay, KTLA Morning Reporter, Freaks Out Over Magic Trick By Justin Willman (VIDEO)


From the same morning news crew that brought us shake-weight hilarity, comes a truly magical piece of comedy.

While reporting on a magic trick performed by Los Angeles-area magician Justin Willman, KTLA's Allie Mac Kay can't contain her surprise.

Mac Kay, who was intensely focused on a glass pitcher, exclaims, loudly, "My GOSH! You gotta warn me of this [bleep]!" after the glass shatters toward the end of the trick. A video of the exchange was uploaded to YouTube by Willman on June 5, which has since been pulled from the site on copyright grounds.

The video began to gain traction after Gawker picked it up early June 6, prompting Mac Kay to take to Twitter, refuting the implication that she'd cussed.

"Maybe adding the beep like I cussed wasn't the smartest thing to do since people think its [sic] real," Mac Kay said in a tweet directed at Willman, who appears to have edited in the bleep prior to uploading the video to YouTube.

According to a KTLA report, Mac Kay said "crap," not another (more dubious) word.

Either way, her reaction is priceless.

Reached for comment by The Huffington Post, Mac Kay said KTLA would post the unedited version of the video, which has been embedded above.

UPDATE: Thursday, 2:00 p.m. -- In a statement emailed to The Huffington Post, Willman clarified, "The bleep we added was a joke. I’ve been working with Allie for years now and I’ve been unable to make her cuss on air no matter how hard I try."

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