Alligator Casually Strolls Through Myrtle Beach-Area Neighborhood During Florence

Experts say these lost creatures are simply trying to get clear of the storm, just like humans.

Gators have to weather these storms too.

South Carolina resident Tracie Byrd posted a video on Facebook and YouTube on Friday that shows an alligator casually strolling across the road near Myrtle Beach.

Reactions to the video were mixed. Some sympathized with the lost gator while others felt they could not get away from the creature fast enough. And, really, both are fair sentiments.

Though you should steer clear of alligators, you’re not in any immediate danger if you spot the scaly beasts. As experts like the humane gator-capturing nonprofit Texas Gator Squad said during Hurricane Harvey back in August 2017, alligators want to get away from storms just like humans do.

“Alligators can not stay in fast moving floodwaters for long and seek slow water to ride out the storm,” Gator Squad said in a Facebook post during Harvey. “If you see a gator during the storm, as long as it’s not in a road or knocking on your door, leave it be until the storm passes.”

So, just as with the yearly shark hoax, it’s important to get the full story when you see wild animal videos like this pop up on your social media feed.

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