CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Monster Alligator Eats Another Alligator

"It's typical alligator behavior. They are cannibalistic at times."

Alligators may be fierce apex predators, but there's something even they have to watch out for: Other alligators.

At least one gator learned that lesson a little too late at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland, Florida this week when it was eaten by a much larger beast.

Several people in multiple locations at the 1,267-acre reserve saw the monster gator chowing down on a littler one, leading to a number of incredible clips posted on YouTube and across social media.

Alex Figueroa, who shot one of the clips, estimated the larger gator to be 11 or 12 feet long, according to a description he posted on YouTube.

Andrew Lilyquist, who shot the clip at the top of this page, told WFTS in Tampa that he'd heard about gator fights and went hoping to catch one on camera -- but he hadn't expected to actually see one.

"My heart was racing," he was quoted as saying. "I just saw that big head and I said ok this is going to be great."

Another clip, filmed by Octavia Heart, shows what appears to be the same gator in another location at the reserve having a gator snack:

The station said this kind of aggression is common, especially during mating season, which runs from March through mid-June.

"It's typical alligator behavior," Florida Fish & Wildlife officer Gary More told Fox 13 in Tampa. "They are cannibalistic at times."

While the attacks were seen over several days, they could have involved the same gators.

"What alligators will typically do is they'll take that animal and stuff it some place for a week or two until it gets nice and soft and they can tear it apart," said Morse.

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