'What A Sight!' Gator Stuns Golfers With Its Big Catch

The fish was nearly half the alligator's size.

As Florida golfers were busy showing off their backswings, an alligator chose to swagger around with its impressive catch.

Video shot northwest of Tampa last week captured a gator casually strolling around a golf course with a massive fish, almost half its size, hanging out of its jaws. 

“That’s amazing. I’ve never seen that before,” exclaims Norma Respess, who shot the video at the Seven Springs Gulf and Country Club in Trinity last Thursday, according to Fox13 News. “Wow. What a sight! He’s holding onto that fish! Amazing!”

This gator is just walking around with his big catch at a Florida golf course.
This gator is just walking around with his big catch at a Florida golf course.

Respess assures the reptile that she’s happy to give it plenty of room to enjoy its meal.

“I don’t want to get near you. I’m glad you’ve got the fish,” she says.

If it’s not obvious enough, alligators are excellent hunters and love a good fish. That’s not to say they always play fair.

Late last month, another video posted to Facebook revealed an even larger alligator shamelessly stealing a boy’s fish, just moments before he could reel it onto the dock.

The 11-year-old was hurrying to pull in his catch when the gator started making its way toward them.

“The alligator’s coming, Connor. The alligator’s coming,” a man is heard urgently telling the boy.

Alas, with a quick chomp, the fish was snatched away.

“There’s no way you’re bringing that in, buddy,” a man says as they watch the gator swim away.



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