Guy In Truck Learns The Hard Way Not To Tailgate A Gator

WATCH: Alligator Takes On Truck -- And Wins

This guy puts the "gator" in tailgater.

When confronted by an oncoming truck on Thursday, an alligator in Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana, refused to back down. Instead, the reptile went on the attack, and proceeded to tear off the truck's entire front bumper:

"I was coming home from my camp when an alligator crossed my path," the driver of the truck told Jukin Media, a video licensing and production company. "I honestly thought he would back up and run the other way, when he did the exact opposite."

"He latched on to the front ... of my pickup truck," he continued, "and completely ripped off the front bumper!"

The driver says he ultimately retrieved what remained of his bumper before continuing on his way.

He posted video of the alligator incident on YouTube, along with a comment conceding, "He won!"

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