Allison Caccoma And Her Maximalist Style of Interior Designs

Allison Caccoma
Allison Caccoma

While minimalism seems to be the trend in the world of design and lifestyle choices, bi-coastal interior designer Allison Caccoma celebrates her maximalist sensibility through elegant antiques, colors, textures, textiles, objects, furniture, and lighting. A New York native, Caccoma’s skills were acquired by serving as legendary designer Bunny William’s protégé. Now a full-fledged independent designer, she will be opening her namesake store Allison Caccoma Decoration in San Francisco’s Presidio Heights neighborhood.

Caccoma’s career began far from a creative trade—it began in the world of finance on Wall Street. After being dissatisfied with this field, she enrolled at the New York School of Interior Design where she earned her degree. After years of formal education and her time spent in the field with Bunny Williams, she began taking elements from her many learning experiences and molding them into her own personal vision.

The result was an aesthetic that utilizes a mixture of antique, vintage and contemporary pieces creating a mélange of eras in one cohesive look. This stunning combination creates a timelessness that give her designs longevity. She generates concepts that are not based on ephemeral trends but rather on an everlasting beauty that can be enjoyed by multiple generations. From the classic glamour of chandeliers and tufted chaise lounges to the organic grace of earth tones and wood, her wide range styles suits the tastes of many.

Her East Coast roots are reflected in her design and though she is now a West Coast resident, she brings her New York sensibilities to many of her projects. In addition to still remaining connected to Bunny Williams, Caccoma has access to many furnishing and accessories that are only available in New York City. She not only incorporates many of these uniquely East Coast items into her designs but will also carry them in her store.

All of her projects are distinctive and catered to the client, but they all seem to possess the shared motif of elegance, warmth, and sophistication. She boasts that her living designs are not only beautiful but also comfortable. Living in a home that is as cozy as it is chic is like feeling both sides of the sun. Her clients play a significant role in the design development process, as well. For many designers, working on such an intimate space of human sanctuary requires an intimate, professional connection with their clients. Caccoma personally leads the design coordination and project management of every project along with her team. Her personal touch for such a personal space is one of many reasons she has built such a strong client base. She is easy to work with, intuitive, and creative with a well-trained eye for good design that lasts.

Having been featured on the cover of House Beautiful Magazine as well as in At Home Magazine, Design New England, Good Housekeeping, The Boston Globe and The Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition, she has made waves in the design world through her distinctive brand of maximalist sensibility. Caccoma is fusing together the aesthetics of traditional and modern for an incomparable beauty that can be appreciated by people spanning many generations and cultures.

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