Allison Harrell Lights Up New York Art Scene

Water, sky, sand, warmth, refraction, hands, lips, breasts, ocean, touch, light dancing on the female form. These words describe the debut solo exhibition of multi-media artist Allison Harrell at The Ward Nasse Gallery in New York City.


I was privy to view the works pre-opening and their soft surrealness and comforting qualities are difficult to describe concretely. One part sensual with nude model Monique Berarducci swimming in waves and filmed from all positions above and below the surface the work takes on a subliminal quality. The type of quality one might have when alone with ones thoughts when swimming below the surface in the ocean, or gazing at the wonder of the stars above the night sky.

Some works are viewed through specially crafted viewing portals shaped like crystals. What makes her art unique is the redefinition of light and how it impacts the senses.

There is an official opening to the public this Thursday February 16th from 5-7pm at the Ward Nasse Gallery at 178 Prince Street, New York New York. Music has been specially composed for the exhibition by notable recording artist "The Adversary" who is Ms. Harrell's fiance.

I sat with her recently to ask how all this came about? I was surprised to learn she discovered the gallery two years prior. One day while shopping in Soho she came upon the gallery and went in to purchase a piece of art as a gift. She engaged in conversation with the curator and soon a friendship grew which led to some of Allison's work being included into a group show, and now this solo exhibition titled "Silent Partner."


The Gallery itself is a type of collective with further rooms displaying many different artists work behind the front gallery space. It has the feeling of a collective and I'm told the space is owned by an art enthusiast who believes in putting all profits back into the gallery and toward the artists. It's an unusual non-profit mentality.

The exhibition runs through February. PR inquiries Sharon Ellman Momentum Media 917-292-7471