Ashes Of Allison Kelley's Late Husband Lost By U.S. Postal Service, She Claims

How The Postal Service Ruined A Man's Dying Wish

A New Hampshire woman's dreams of satisfying her dead husband's last wish became dust in the wind after the U.S. Postal Service lost his cremated ashes.

Allison Kelley's husband, Chuck, died in August from a heart attack. One of his last requests was that some of his ashes be scattered over his favorite fishing spot in the Florida Keys.

She sent two ash-filled urns to Chuck's daughter in Florida, but when the package arrived, the tape on the box was split and the urns were missing.

"I just felt like I lost him all over again," she told WMUR-TV.

Tracking records show the package went from New Hampshire to New Jersey before being delivered in Florida. It's unclear when the urns disappeared. Kelley's only hope now is if the urns somehow fell out at one of those stops and were recovered, the Associated Press reported.

It's never easy when ashes go missing. They've been lost, stolen and recovered under bizarre circumstances before.

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