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Allison Rinaldi Wore 127-Year-Old Wedding Dress (VIDEO)

The "Today" Show gave us a nice little present this morning when it hosted recent bride Allison Rinaldi and her 127-year-old wedding dress.

Rinaldi is one of five women in her family to wear the ivory, off-white dress, which sports a high neckline and 3/4-length sleeves that must have been all the rage in 1884. That's the first year the gown was worn, by Rinaldi's great-great-grandmother Nellie Campbell.

Since then the dress walked down the aisle in 1941, 1975 and 1982, when Allison's mother wore it to marry her father.

As "Today" assures viewers, every bride who's worn the aging frock has had a long and happy marriage (which is nice and all, but wouldn't it have been fun if this was a "127-Year-Old CURSED Wedding Dress!" video segment?).

What's kept it so pristine after all these years? Just simply wrapping it up in the closet, Allison's mother Mimi says-- and making sure the brides don't wear it to the reception.