Allison Williams Goes Topless For Harper's Bazaar

"I have never felt stronger, healthier, more focused, or more feminine."

Allison Williams guest edits the December/January issue of harper by Harper's Bazaar and goes topless inside the editorial. 

The "Girls" star posed in denim and leather pants for the casual shots. She opened up about her personal style ("easy, timeless, and rustic preppy") and her inability to cook ("I’m perpetually worried that the meat is going to poison everyone").  

On Monday, she shared why she is proud of the shoot in an Instagram post

One more. I am particularly proud of this one. For my whole life until 2 years ago, I was super self-conscious about my stomach. I dreaded bikini season. I kept it covered. Boyfriends weren't allowed to touch it. No amount of crunches seemed to strengthen it. Then I met @ilariacavagna who introduced me to the magic and focus of Pilates. I have never felt stronger, healthier, more focused, or more feminine. Now, I love my stomach because it keeps me grounded to my core. Here's to proving yourself wrong.

Head over to Harper's Bazaar for more. 


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