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I had such a great meal at All'onda in NYC, that I had to ask the Chef for the recipe to share. A whole dorade recipe that is such a nice way to finish off summer. The recipe uses Yuzu Kosho in the salda verde, showing how Chef Chris Jaeckle combines Italian cooking and Japanese influence. He also goes to the famers market every day in Union Square and carries everything back to the restaurant. Always delicious specials and fresh ingredients. Try this recipe out at home!

All'onda's Whole Dorade Recipe by Chef Chris Jaeckle

Cooking Directions: Make sure the fish has been scaled very well. I like to cut the gills out with kitchen sheers. Using a strong paper towel wipe the fish dry. Season the inner cavity and the outside well with salt. Allow the fish to come to room temperature with the salt on it. Drizzle the outside of the fish with olive oil to coat and spread with your hand or a pastry brush. Cook on a medium to high grill for 9 minutes on each side.

Salsa Verde

1 Bunch parsley, washed and chopped

1 Cup extra virgin olive oil

2 Tbsp chopped brined cappers

2 Calabrian chilies, seeds removed and minced

Zest of 1 lemon

Pinch of salt to taste

· Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix well.

Spicy Citrus Sauce

1 Jar Yuzu Kosho (150g)

3 ½ Tbsp. White Balsamic

1 tsp Sugar

1 tsp Salt

2 tsp Chopped Rosemary

½ Cup Olive Oil

· Combine balsamic sugar and salt in a pot. Gently heat until the sugar and salt are dissolved.

· Whisk in the yuzu kosho and olive oil.

Serve family style at your table, or plate individually for a dinner party. Enjoy!

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