Photoshop Fail: Alloy Completely Wipes Out Model's Elbow (PHOTO)

Some photoshop fails are subjective -- Did the editor really chop off the model's arm? Or is that pose actually physically possible? But sometimes, the photo gods send us an airbrush misstep too obvious to be debated. This latest newsletter from Alloy is definitely a case of the latter.

The shot features a model reclining on a park wall, but it looks like the editor got a little Photoshop-crazy while trying to add a pole to the scenery and erased the model's entire elbow. There are really no ifs, ands or buts about it -- half of the girl's arm vanishes into thin air.

We can't help but wonder: Did the photo editor accidentally swipe the eraser tool over her arm and decide it wasn't worth fixing? Was there an actual trained photo editor retouching this image? More importantly, did anyone look at this before it was sent out in a mass email?

Check out the epic fail for yourself and tell us what you think.


photoshop fail

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