51 Muslim states blocked 11 LGBT groups from attending the UNAIDS Meeting.

This is problematic.

Where is the compassion? Where is the RAHMA (mercy)?

We need to focus on the things that matter. Like getting to zero.

We cannot get to zero if we deny LGBT groups the right to have their voices heard.

I do not stand with blocking these groups and neither should you. This is not a Muslim issue, this is not an LGBT issue, HIV is an OUR issue. We are all in this together. If we do not work together we will NEVER defeat this pandemic.

How many more youth have to become poz? How many more babies have to be born with HIV? How many more people have to die before we open our eyes?

Here are the facts:

One of the populations most affected is the LGBT community.

Yet, we are denying them a place at the table?

Since sodomy is punishable by death and imprisonment in most of the opposing states, many members of the LGBT community are remaining in the closet. Many of them are living with HIV. Many are marrying and passing on the virus to their spouses and children. Many engage in polygamy which even further increases HIV infection rates. Many are having sex with multiple partners which yes, you guessed it, increases incidence rates.

It's time to wake up.

Are you really going to let people die because they live differently than you?

By denying them access to the table, you are being detrimental to identifying solutions that will get us to zero. You are not eliminating the problem, you are only making it worse. YOU are the problem.

HIV affects everyone. It is not specific to the LGBT community, it is not specific to the White community, it is not specific to the Black community, it is not specific to the Latino community, or any religious community. It is specific to all communities. Once we all realize that, then the real work can begin.

I am a supporter of Human Rights. I am a supporter of Social Justice. I am a supporter of access to Health Care. I am a supporter of Life. Together WE can get to Zero. #KeepTheirSeats

Take to social media and make a statement on why the 11 LGBT groups should have a voice at the table. Use #KeepTheirSeats and make it go viral. Let the power of collective voices be heard. Keep Their Seats!