Awww! Tommy Hilfiger Helped Design His Daughter's Wedding Dress

That cape, though. 🙌

Of the many perks that come with having a famous fashion designer for a dad, getting help with the design of your wedding dress is a pretty big one.

Ally Hilfiger, daughter of Tommy Hilfiger and star of MTV’s early 2000s reality show “Rich Girls,” married her longtime partner Steve Hash in Mustique over the weekend. She looked stunning in a gown she designed in collaboration with her fashionable father, according to Vogue.

The cream slip dress was topped with an elaborately embroidered sheer cape with blue detailing at the bottom, which added some drama to an otherwise fairly minimalist bridal look.

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Hilfiger wasn’t the only one at her wedding wearing white: Both her dad and her step-mom Dee Ocleppo wore shades of white and ivory. Hash also wore a white suit while his and Hilfiger’s daughter Avery, who served as a flower girl, wore a sweet white dress, too.

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Hash and Hilfiger posed for a breathtaking beachside photo in which Hash appears shirtless and the fine blue detailing of Ally’s cape is visible.

So happy for my daughter Ally’s wedding to Steve Hash,” the doting father of the bride wrote on his Instagram.

Congratulations to this entire fashionable family.