Ally Love On Her Wellness Essentials And How She Manages Stress During Busy Times

The Peloton instructor shares go-to moves and products for when her life is chaotic and she wants to prioritize mental and physical health.
Peloton instructor Ally Love breaks down her self-care routine.
Michael Loccisano via Getty Images
Peloton instructor Ally Love breaks down her self-care routine.

Ally Love knows how to take care of herself ― as long as she has the right coping methods and tools in her arsenal.

The Peloton instructor is known for her high-energy cycling rides and barre workouts. Her fans, who call themselves the Love Squad, also appreciate her spiritual wisdom and motivational messages during classes.

Love is coming off a busy year. Peloton has continued to gain notoriety, which has launched its instructors further into the public eye. She recently became a Therabody athlete, and she’s also a global ambassador for Adidas and an in-arena host of the Brooklyn Nets. (And if that hasn’t kept her busy enough, she got married earlier this year in a five-day destination celebration in Mexico.)

So, how does the fitness enthusiast look after mental and physical health when life gets stressful? Below, Love tells us how she prioritizes her well-being during the holidays and other busy times, plus shares her workout and wellness essentials:

The holidays are a super busy time. If you only have a few minutes in your day to move your body, what do you do and why?

If I really only had a few minutes, I would focus on stretching to warm up my body for the day and get the blood flowing with my Theragun. With maybe 10-15 minutes a day, I would switch it up between running, cycling and barre ― that is plenty of time to make a difference.

If you only have a minute or so to destress, what do you do and why does that help?

I would focus on my breathing, regaining control of my breath and refocusing on my intentions for the day.

What’s one thing you do every day that makes you feel good and why does it?

I engage with my community. I feel so blessed to have such an incredible, inspiring community and I always want to show up for them. Sometimes social media can be draining, but I like to approach it in a positive way, being intentional with who I am engaging with and how.

What’s the one thing you tell yourself on a bad mental health day? Why does that help?

When it comes to reminding myself and practicing self-compassion, I often write Post-it notes and put them on my window so that I can read them when I get up in the morning just to remind myself. That’s what I try to do and carry with me onto the platforms that I am a part of. How can I show up and remind those around me that they are enough ― that they are already more than enough?

What’s your favorite self-care product at the moment and why?

RecoveryAir! The pneumatic compression boots really provide me with the relaxation and release I crave after training, and I can read, watch TV or meditate while recovering.

What are some songs that put you in a good mood?

Anything Beyoncé!

What’s your favorite workout outfit? What about it makes it so great?

Since the weather has cooled down, I’ve been living in my Love Squad U hoodie and joggers. Peloton also has incredible gear to work out in.

How do you hype yourself up before a workout?

I honestly love what I do and I’m excited to get up every morning and go do it. The excitement for my day also stems from being part of such an amazing team that always hypes me up and motivates me to get after it day after day.

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