Calling All Cream Cheese Lovers!

Your Super Swap is Here.

Vegan…Gluten Free…No-Sugar

Almond “Cream” Cheese

A 4-ingredient cheese-like spread made from blanched almonds* + water + vinegar or lemon juice + sea salt.

*Blanched almonds are used in this recipe to keep the color white like cream cheese, but they do have slightly less fiber & vitamin E than their skin-on counterparts, so when snacking stick to almonds w/ skins.


Almond “cream” cheese will not save you any calories over regular cream cheese, however it will give you way more nutrition. Each 2 T of Almond “Cream” Cheese contains:

– 5g of plant protein

– 2g filling fiber

– anti-inflammatory fats

– bone-building magnesium

– 30% daily dose of skin-firming vitamin E

*Plus, nut eaters live longer and healthier than non-nut eaters.*

You can smear this stuff on everything!


– Party App. Serve as a molded round (like brie) topped w/ fresh herbs (as pictured above). Or topped w/ no-sugar-added jam & chopped nuts.

– Lox. Spread on sprouted whole grain toast topped w/ salmon, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions.

– Frosting. Make it by adding a touch of honey + vanilla.

Get the Almond “Cream” Cheese recipe >> HERE <<

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