Read All The Working Titles For 'Almost Famous,' Including 'Tangerine' And 'Rock School'

Naming a movie must be hard. As a writer or director, the script or set has been your baby for days, weeks and months on end. If a creative force is lucky enough to craft a movie that's eyeing years of longevity, like Cameron Crowe's beloved 2000 film "Almost Famous," the pressure is especially strong.

What results from the naming process could be something like "Untitled" -- the working title for Crowe's ode to '70s rock 'n' roll. DreamWorks vetoed that moniker, however, and after running through a catalog of (sometimes terrible) alternatives, Crowe settled on "Almost Famous." Now, he's revealed to Empire the other titles that ran through his head in the brainstorming process:

"My Back Pages"
"A Thousand Words"
"Songs for Beginners"
"Rewind to the End"
"My Opening Farewell"
"Original Cover"
"Rock School"
"1,200 Words"
"On the Way Home"
"In Thru the Outdoor"
"Pictures & Pages"
"The Three of Us"
"Words by Heart"
"Words for You"
"Words on Fire"
"Words or Music?"
"Words and Music"

Head over to The Uncool to see the original notebook pages on which Crowe brainstormed titles, just the way William Miller scribbled the movie's opening credits.



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