Almost Human Recap, Episode 5, Blood Brothers

I liked this episode! Mostly because we got to see one of the MX androids totally naked. (I asked for this in, like, my first recap.) They're built like Ken dolls with lots of thigh gap that all the tween girls are striving for these days. It was interesting that they removed the belly button but they left the nipples. Do either or both -- but don't mix the message on my naked androids, please.

Of course, knowing how the MX androids look naked begs the question -- what does Dorian have under the hood? All the right stuff, if you know I mean. And, apparently, there's a lot of it. Kennex is impressed and jealous. I just wish they went one step further and Kennex asked to touch it. That would have been great.

We cut to a dramatic court scene with Captain Maldanado in the witness chair being cross-examined by the defense of sinister fiend Ethan Avery. Maldanado loses her temper and throws a fit. I guess it's necessary to do this because it's tv and we need some drama. However, she wouldn't have made Captain if she couldn't control herself in court, so that scene is a little wonky for me.

One of the best parts of the episode was the use of 3-D holograms to project an image of eyewitnesses who are held off-site in a safe house. When one of the witnesses in the safe house is attacked during her testimony, you just see the witness afraid and scream for her life. People in court can't see what's going on -- only the fear on her face and in her voice. Not seeing the attacker makes it compellingly scary for everyone. Very good.

There are two witnesses in the safe house and one of them is murdered. The other witness, a psychic, escaped. If she's such a good psychic, why didn't she see it coming? She predicted other things pretty accurately, why not this?

It appears that the arrest of the bad guy (he's ugly, of course) is extremely personal for Maldanado. She has a pretty intense conversation with him behind bars and he makes her feel like a sad, lonely old spinster who has nothing to show for her life other than a certificate of appreciation in her office. Watching them together, one gets the feeling they used to date.

Turns out, they identify the guy who murdered the witness in the safe house and it's ... Ethan Avery! And before you can say "clone" they discover that he's cloned himself. Detective Stahl races to his lab and uncovers evidence that he's cloned himself. But as soon as she emails the evidence, the clones attack and take her hostage. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire must still be on TV because they let her phone a friend and she calls Kennex. Stahl also cries during this time, and if she were any other female character, I'd be annoyed. After all, I sincerely doubt that they'd portray Kennex crying in captivity, so why does the female cop have to cry? But then I remembered that it's Detective Stahl and it makes perfect sense -- one who smirks, cries.

The clones want to trade their hostage for the police hostage, Ethan Avery. Kennex and company hatch a pretty interesting plan using holograms to fool the clones into thinking that they are about to receive their guy. Suddenly, a flock of birds flies into the hologram like geese into an American Airlines plane, and the jig is up. A shootout ensues, but the clones are killed and Detective Stahl is rescued.

At one point, Maldanado referred to Ethan Avery as an egomaniac for wanting copies of himself. But isn't that why parents have children?

Back in court, the cases are closed. While they wait for a verdict, Maldanado lectures Avery about how he lost and she won and how he's wrong and all that. Which seems a little taunt-y considering that she tried that once before and yet he still managed to kill one of her witnesses.

Outside the courtroom, the psychic is about to pull away when Dorian hands her some boxes. It contains the personal effects of her parents' home after it was burned in a fire. The psychic didn't know these items existed. Without them, she was never able to speak to her dead parents. It was a lovely gesture by Dorian. She pulls out a doorknob and smiles. Why? Because she also loves a good metaphor (i.e., door to another dimension).

The funny thing to me is this: If she were their daughter, she'd have her mother's and father's DNA -- shouldn't that be more than enough to communicate with them in the afterlife? A doorknob is nice, but actually being a physical combination of two people seems a lot more potent.

All I know is that the she is a good actress -- I love a kooky psychic. And she didn't smirk through the serious scenes.