Forget Halloween And Thanksgiving. These Photos Prove Christmas Is Already Here.

Stop celebrating Halloween immediately! Against all odds, the winter holiday season has somehow come even earlier this year. Although the days when we used to at least wait for December before putting on the holiday cheer have long since passed, this is absolutely ridiculous.

And you can just forget about Thanksgiving too, because it's ALREADY CHRISTMAS.

This is pretty much what October 31st looks like this year.

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1. Starbucks has already declared it Santa time.

2. Decorations have already showed up in your offices.

3. Your malls have been invaded.

4. And the lawn decorations are coming to town.

5. Trees are going up in living rooms, where they'll likely die before actual Christmas.

6. And elaborate displays are popping up everywhere.

7. Try as you might, it just can't be avoided.

8. Decorations are already hanging from street-lamps.

9. Businesses are sprucing up their signs.

10. The wrapping paper has arrived.

11. And a walk through Macy's makes it all too easy to forget it's still October.

12. Town squares are being taken over.

13. Window displays aren't safe.

14. Rooftops already have way too much cheer.

15. Your moms have decorated the dining room.

16. Kids have already written up their wishlists and addressed them to the North Pole.

17. If you had a really sick sense of humor, you could give out Santa chocolates to trick-or-treaters.

18. Halloween never had a chance...

Don't let Santa do this to Thanksgiving...

TK TK gifs


TK TK gifs



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