Alt-J's 'Breezeblocks' Shows A Murder In Reverse (VIDEO)

Passion, love, deception and murder are usually a fantastic combination for a dramatic thriller. Throw some reverse-video action into the mix and it's downright enthralling.

Self-identified folk-step group alt-J (press those keys on a Macbook and you'll get this, ∆) released a music video for their song "Breezeblocks" off their upcoming album An Awesome Wave last week. The song is a bass-heavy jam with eerily playful xylophone-like tinkering throughout.

The video follows the song perfectly. The scene is set with a woman dead in a bathtub -- a cinderblock on her chest and the water stained red with blood. Her body is ripped out of the tub, completely dry, and a vicious fight begins, or ends, while playing in reverse.

There's a twist close to the end (er, beginning) that makes the situation unnerving (even more so than it is already) and a little confusing, but it doesn't detract from the hypnotizing effect of a murder played in reverse.

Watch below for alt-J's "Breezeblocks:"