Behold Snapshots Of Devotion In These Sacred Altars Around The Globe

This is where the mortal world makes offerings to the divine.

Altars can be found in temples, churches and homes around the world. They are the tables, mantels, and many nooks and crannies that house some of our most beloved and sacred objects.

A stick of incense. A sprig of sage. A garland of flowers. Each precious object serves as an offering from the mortal world to the divine and is an opportunity to interact with one's deity in a tangible way.

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Mexico City, Mexico
Frankfurt, Germany
Bangkok, Thailand
Lhasa, Tibet
London, United Kingdom
Halden, Norway
Achai, Japan
Puglia, Italy
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Venice, Italy
Ilocos Sur, Philippines
Surabaya, Indonesia
Ghidirim, Moldova

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