Altercation: You Can't Hide Your Lyin' Everything...

So Bob Herbert did a nice long (for TV) interview with me for CUNY-TV about the state of the media under a Trump Presidency and that's here

I also did a column on same for Index on Censorship, which is here

Finally, if you are interested in the history of presidential lying, and the first modern use of the term "Post-Truth Presidency," well, get thee here

Also, speaking of excellent work by people named "Alterman," check out the most talented (since perhaps Natan Alterman) and certainly the handsomest, jazz pianist Joe (no relation) Alterman's new album on digital, here

Dizzy: My Head is Spinning:

And speaking of Jazz masters, my friends at Jazz@Lincoln Center are celebrating the centennial of John Birks "Dizzy" Gillespie this weekend. They are trying to pay tribute to all aspects of his incredible career spanning straight-ahead bebop to Afro-Cuban, Caribbean, and Brazilian rhythms and who knows what else? The music was not only pioneering and fun but it holds up magnificently today, even without those big blown-up cheeks and big smile behind it. Everyone associates Louis Armstrong with Jazz Diplomacy, and so would I, but as it happen, Dizzy has the honor of being the first jazz musician appointed by the U.S. State Department to undertake a cultural mission in 1972, taking him to Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.

Here's what they got:

- January 26-28 - The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis will be Celebrating Dizzy Gillespie in Rose Theater, showcasing old and new arrangements of Dizzy's music. The performances will be led by Vincent Gardner, JLCO trombonist, composer, and arranger.
- January 27-28 - Carlos Henriquez, bassist of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, will honor The Latin Side of Dizzy With Carlos Henriquez. The evening will integrate the sounds of modern jazz orchestra and the rhythms of Cuba.
- January 26-29, Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola -
o January 26, 7:30pm and 9:30pm - Riley Mulherkar: In the Land of Oo-Blah-Dee
o January 27-29, 7:30pm - Have Trumpet, Will Excite!with Bruce Harris
o January 27-29, 9:30pm - Kush to Cool: A Tribute to Diz featuring Theo Croker and ELEW

Finally, did you know In 1964, Dizzy Gillespie put himself forward as an independent candidate for the U.S. Presidency? "Anybody couda made a better President than the ones we had in those times, dillydallying about protecting blacks in the exercise of their civil and human rights and carrying on secret wars against people around the world," Dizzy wrote in his 1979 autobiography To Be, or Bop. "I was the only choice for a thinking man." How sadly relevant are those words today?

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