16 Stunning Alternatives To A Diamond Engagement Ring

16 Engagement Rings That Will Make You Forget All About Diamonds

The words "diamond" and "engagement ring" have gone hand-in-hand for almost a century. But these days, many brides-to-be are seeking non-diamond, gemstone options when it comes to their engagement bling.

For some ladies, the decision to buck the diamond ring tradition is moral. Others forgo diamonds for financial reasons, and some simply prefer other stones.

Whatever the reason, we're totally on board. Below we present 16 unique alternatives to your run-of-the-mill diamond engagement ring.

kateszabone via Etsy
Sapphire and 14k gold
KristinCoffin via Etsy
Moissanite and recycled 14k gold, $1,575.
onegarnetgirl via Etsy
Oregon sunstone and 14k rose gold, $1,028
Blue sapphire and 14k gold, $695.
Lemon quartz and 14k yellow gold, $1,175
Pink amethyst and sterling silver, $335
jencervelli via Etsy
Pyrite and rose/pink gold, $225
Studio1980 via Etsy
Ethiopian opal and 18k yellow gold, $885
IndulgentDesigns via Etsy
14k gold knot, $121
Steven Alan via Etsy
Australian opal and recycled gold, $388
havalazar via Etsy
Pearl and 14k yellow gold, $495
Lola Brooks via Love Adorned
Rhodolite garnet and 14k yellow gold, $2,570
Sapphire and 14k white gold, $2,299
Tourmaline and 14K gold, $805
One-of-a-kind keshi pearl, $1,680
Vena Amoris via Old Hollywood
Moissanite and 14k green gold, $700

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