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The Most Unexpected Uses for Our Favorite Baby Products

The Most Unexpected Uses for Our Favorite Baby Products

Whether you are veteran or new mom, any parent can recognize that baby products are awesome. Not only are they are gentle and protective for your child, but they can also provide inexpensive alternatives to the slew of products you need around the house every day.

In partnership with Huggies Natural Care Wipes at Target, we’re bringing you some creative uses for baby products that you may have never even considered.

1. Baby Powder
baby powder

There are a few different kinds of baby powder out there. The most versatile baby powder is made from pure cornstarch – and trust us, it’s something you should always have in your medicine cabinet.

Bury harsh foot odors:
Baby powder is designed to soothe, dry, and deodorize baby’s bottoms, and it can do the same for your body. For feet that sweat and smell less than amazing, sprinkle a bit of baby powder in your shoes before leaving for work in the morning.

Use as a cost-effective dry shampoo:
Washing your hair every day can strip away natural oils and acid mantle, but leaving your hair unwashed can lead to an oily, itchy scalp. While dry can be extremely expensive, cornstarch baby powder works just as well. You can use the baby powder alone, or you can mix it with cocoa powder, arrowroot powder, or rice powder. Sprinkle the mixture on dry hair, and brush so that the powder distributes through your hair. The result should be shiny, comfortable, and far less oily.

Freshen your carpet:
Just as baby powder freshens hair, skin, and shoes, it can also freshen carpet and upholstery. Sprinkle baby powder on a dingy or odorous upholstery, let the powder rest for five minutes, and then vacuum. Because baby powder absorbs odors, this cleaning method will make rugs and furniture smell fresh and clean.

2. Baby Wipes
little girl

Baby wipes are made to soothe and clean even the skin of a newborn. But don’t let that fool you – they are packed with cleaning power for more than just baby’s bottom. For some other uses not listed below, check out this nifty blog.

Wipe up those spills on hands and faces, too:
Baby wipes come in airtight, easily portable containers and tubs for around the house. This makes wipes a perfect cleaning product for food spills at home or on-the-go. Keep a plastic box of wipes in an emergency kit for your car or a tub in the kitchen for a messy food mishap. Baby wipes are also thicker and contain more liquid than common cleaning wipes, making them perfect for sticky or dried up messes, even on yours or baby’s hands and face. Once baby is toddler age, it’s a great way for them to start learning to clean themselves up too!

Clean your jewelry:
Know what is also, soft, sensitive and delicate besides for your beautiful baby’s skin? Your favorite necklace, earrings or ring. Use baby wipes to gently clean your beloved valuables.

Freshen up your pup:
When your dog rolls in something suspicious, bring out the baby wipes to give him a quick de-stinking. Baby wipes are made for suspicious messes and work well to control smells. And if you don’t have the time to give your dog a bath, haul out the wipes. They work for everything.

Clean salt off your boots in the winter:
Is there anything worse than grimy, snow-covered boots trekking salt into a warm, cuddly house? Baby wipes can easily solve that problem. Just leave a pack by the door and rub down your boots when you walk inside from the shivery outdoors. Optional: Go straight to the kitchen and fix yourself a delicious hot chocolate.

3. Petroleum Jelly

Rub it on your own dry skin:
For all the skincare fanatics out there, petroleum jelly locks in moisture after you’ve applied your favorite facial cream. After cleansing and moisturizing in the evening, rub a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your face and wake up with soft, hydrated skin. This method is especially beneficial for healing dry skin in the wintertime.

Keep squirrels from stealing your birdseed:
Squirrels can figure out how to dump just about any birdfeeder out there – they’re evil geniuses. For a creative squirrel deterrent, rub a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the top of your birdfeeder. It’s gratifying to watch the squirrels give up on accessing your sunflower seeds as they slowly slide off of your feeder.

4. Baby Shampoo
baby shampoo

Because it’s so mild, baby shampoo won’t hurt anything delicate that needs a good washing. This makes it a versatile mild soap that is often much less expensive than specialty washes.

Make your leather shine:
Find scuffs on a nice leather purse or shoes? Just put a dollop of baby shampoo on a soft rag and buff the leather gently. Many baby shampoos contain mineral oil and other mild moisturizers, so baby shampoo will give your leather a shine as well as a gentle cleansing.

Wash your delicates:
If your delicates – lingerie, lace, or clothing made from thin or fragile fabrics – need freshening up, stay away from harsh laundry detergents. Instead, opt for a teaspoon of baby shampoo in your sink or bathtub. The small amount is more than enough for one or two delicate items. Give your clothes a swish, focusing on any stains. Then rinse and hang to dry.

Remove stains from upholstery:
Baby shampoo also makes an excellent spot cleaner. For food or drink spilled on the floor, try a bit of baby shampoo mixed with warm water. Let the mix soak in, rub the area with a damp rag, and then let it dry.

Wash pets with sensitive skin:
For a pet with sensitive skin or allergies, try baby shampoo as an alternative to expensive pet washes you might find at the vet. Draw a bath with lukewarm water, and use tear-free baby shampoo on a soft washcloth to wash your pet.

5. Baby Washcloths
baby washcloth

Baby Washcloths are designed for sensitive skin, meaning that these washcloths can be used to wash many different delicate items.

Try them as the deodorant mark savior:
Keep a stack of inexpensive baby washcloths next to the sink in your bathroom. Since these cloths are soft on delicate fabric, they are great for those small, unexpected stains, like getting deodorant marks out of your work clothes.

Dust and polish your furniture:
Because they’re made for delicate skin, baby washcloths are perfect for dusting and polishing wooden surfaces. The next time you dust your dining room table, use a baby washcloth dampened with a vinegar and water mixture to give your wood that final gleam.

6. Baby Oil
baby oil

Despite it’s simplicity, baby oil is a pretty genius product with a litany of uses.

Get paint off of hands and brushes:
For all of those who use acrylic or oil paints, baby oil is perfect for getting dried paint off of hands. The oil soothes and lubricates your hands, and the dried paint lifts away easily. For any artists out there, baby oil and baby shampoo are great for cleaning dried acrylic paint from brushes. When you don’t want to smell like turpentine, try baby oil first.

Use as a powerful makeup remover:
Baby oil also works as a gentle makeup remover. Since baby oil is mineral oil with a mild fragrance, the substance won’t harm your skin or sting your eyes. Dab baby oil on a cotton ball or cotton pad and rub it gently on your skin. It even works for waterproof mascara.

Fight adult eczema and keratosis pilaris:
If you suffer from dry skin or keratosis pilaris (keratin deposits on the upper arms or thighs), baby oil is an excellent skin-softening solution. Wash yourself with a gentle soap (baby shampoo, anyone?) in a lukewarm shower, and don’t dry yourself off after you step out. Instead, give yourself a rub down with baby oil. You’ll end up with baby soft skin, and you’ll smell delightful.

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