Alton Brown & Jimmy Fallon Saber Champagne Using A 19th Century Sword

Chef, cookbook writer and TV host Alton Brown appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Friday to promote his new book, Good Eats 3. As in most of culinary bits on Jimmy's show, alcohol is involved, but in the case of Alton, there isn't any food to nibble on with the swill. In fact, there isn't all that much swilling, either -- most of the segment is taken up by Brown's demonstrations of strange technologies for opening wine bottles. Alton even claims (rather absurdly) not to own a corkscrew; he dismisses them as "unitaskers."

The first wine opening device Brown showcases is, of all things, an electric drill; in the process, he demonstrates a nifty method for cooling room temperature white wine:

Honestly, we can't see ourselves opening a $10 bottle of pinot gris using an electric drill. But in this next video, Alton Brown teaches Jimmy Fallon how to do something that looks epically cool -- sabering champagne. We dare you to watch this clip and not be tempted to saber your next bottle of sparkling wine:

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