Alvaro Noboa, Ecuadorian Businessman, Politician Accused By NY Model Of Sexual Assault

A New York-based model has accused an Ecuadorian billionaire businessman and politician of luring her to Ecuador and forcing her to have sex with him, according to Courthouse News Service.

The woman claims she responded to an ad on Craigslist seeking a model for a La Verdad magazine shoot. The magazine is owned by Ecuador's richest man, Alvaro Noboa.

Courthouse News Service says the woman claims Noboa arrived at her hotel shortly after her arrival and was accompanied by several armed men who took her to a private residence, where she was forced to have sex with Noboa and then take a morning after pill.

The woman says one of Noboa's employees hired for a four-day photo shoot in Guayaquil after asking her to send a picture of herself in a bathing suit. Shortly after arriving in Ecuador, she says, she received a dinner invitation from Noboa, who arrived at her hotel with "a large number of men armed with machine guns and other weapons." She says Noboa took her to a private residence surrounded by armed men and immediately told her to go to the bedroom.

... She says Naboa bit her several times, giving her painful bruises. She says the condom broke and Noboa became angry and forced her to take what he said was a "morning after pill," which caused cramping and nausea.

The woman says she was paid $2,000 for the photo shoot and returned to Ecuador a month later for a second shoot when she was again allegedly intimidated and sexually assaulted by Noboa. Noboa runs a highly successful banana export company and is a regular presidential candidate in Ecuador.

The mother of three is seeking $25m for sexual harassment and hostility in the workplace.

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